Friday, October 16, 2009

I Never Would

Is it mean that I love the acts of kindness from random strangers more than from people I know?


Mad Art said...

Ummm , no ..
But i think it's weird ;p

Meesh said...

Maybe. But I'd like to think that acts of kindness do come from strangers and that the world isn't as harsh as people usually perceive. While the people I know are just people I know. I'm aware of their kindness and nature... I don't know hehe.

Mad Art said...

Good thinkik!Lol .
But why not having act of kindness from both ;p ?

JenniAsh said...


Qu0Girl said...

No, but I wouldn't really call it "mean". I would call it "strange" and it makes me wonder why you'd much prefer "acts of kindness" from strangers than people you know. To me, this question is sorta linked to the whole idea of people trusting strangers more than family or friends. Maybe I'm reading into this too much. Anyway, that's just me opinion.